Hey there! So glad you're here! I am Sarah. In short, I am a wife, mama and creative artist. I could also add that I am a Taurus, I love coffee, and cows are the cutest animal that roam the earth. I have lived in the PNW my entire life, and currently reside in Puyallup. 


People often ask how me long I've been doing photography. And truth be told, for as long as I can remember. As a child I would set up a pretend studio and take photos of my sisters. I wasted countless rolls of film. When I was 16, my parents bought me my first SLR camera. WIth this I was able to develop photos in my school dark room (which kids these days know nothing about). My love for photography really blossomed when I had my first daughter. Motherhood gave me a whole new appreciation for photos. And quickly friends and family began asking me to take photos for them. My business grew from that. 




My Style: My main goal in each session is to capture what is real. Genuine smiles. Little expressions in children that you will one day look back and laugh at. The love between a couple. Or a family. Most of my sessions are spent chatting and laughing and if we aren't already, by the end of it we will be great friends. I LOVE outdoor sessions. The colors that our state has to offer just speaks to my soul. For studio sessions, I love to incorporate earthy colors and wood tones.

Location: I shoot on location or in my Downtown Puyallup studio. I have several favorite outdoor locations around town that I love. I am happy to give you suggestions based on what your preferences are.

Time of shoot: I am very intentional with the time of day I schedule my sessions. Light is everything. So almost all outdoor sessions will take place in the evening. This is not just to capture the gorgeous sun setting, but also to ensure that we don't have harsh lighting on faces, shadows, and squinting eyes. Studio sessions may take place at anytime during the day. 

Weather: Have you noticed how much it rains here!? haha. I can handle it, and don't mind a session with a little bit of sprinkle. But when it comes to kiddos, they don't do so well. Reschedules are sometimes necessary, and I make every effort to be flexible and accommodating.

Wardrobe: I have created a Pinterest board for inspiration - it can be found below. You’re welcome to text or call me while you’re clothes shopping for my opinion if you’d like. I try to be as available as possible. Wardrobe should also mesh with location! Some outfits look out of place in an urban setting, some look out of place in an outdoorsy setting, so keep that in mind.

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Tips and tricks: Allow me to work with your children. Don’t feel stressed out trying to get your babies to smile, behave, listen, etc. Remember, I have toddlers! I understand the stress that comes along with pictures, so please let me do all the work for you.

Turn around time: The time in which it takes me to finish processing a gallery varies. But on average, I deliver a portrait session around 2-3 weeks after the shoot. Weddings can take up to 3 months. I make every effort to get photos to my clients sooner than that, but I refuse to rush the creative process - and it is appreciated once you see your photos :)